New Machines

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New Machines

Microtolerance has recently acquired 2 new Hurco VM10 CNC Machining Centers. These state of the art machines dramatically increase turn around times for part manufacture with Hurco’s Swept Surface technology.

Swept Surface is possibly the most dramatic improvement for making complex parts the industry has seen for decades. In total, it easily reduces programming time by 80 percent.

With Swept Surface, you can define a 2D surface and then sweep that surface along a contour, creating complex 3D geometries within one conversational data block. In addition to saving time, the continuous tool path generates a smoother surface finish. With draft angle pocketing, you can create contours that define the walls of a pocket or island with an angle—you can define up to 10 profiles to make a complex mold shape. Other benefits of Swept Surface include AutoCalculation of intersection points, calculate Z-start, and additional cutting strategies such as constant Z-level roughing, Z-spiral cut, and programmable cusp height in addition to the standard programmable step size.

For simple part surfaces of revolution or translation of a 2D profile, use the 3D Mold feature within Swept Surface. Simple conversational tools provide powerful results. 3D Mold optimizes ball end mill tool path. You’ll also achieve exceptional surface finishes due to fine stepovers and auto conversion to the perpendicular tool path.